What are the benefits of hiring a doula?

  • Studies have shown that a doula can reduce time spent in labor, lower the laboring couples anxiety, reduce the rate of medical intervention (including c-sections), and improve parent and baby bonding post-birth. A doula gives the couple a since of control and power, informs and reminds you of your rights and options, and helps hold your space during birth. the real questions is, “Why wouldn’t you hire a doula?”“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” (John H. Kennell MD)​​

Why should I hire a birth boot camp doula?

  • Birth Boot Camp doulas are professionally trained and certified. Each doula has extensive lactation training and is also trained in how the assist in cesarian births, epidural births, VBACs, and everything in between. We come with the Supporting Arms, which is a great resource for expecting parents. All of us genuinely love supporting parents in whatever birth they choose. Find more information about Birth Boot Camp trainings here.  ​

How can I contact your doulas and instructors?

  • A list of our affiliated doulas can be found under the doula tab on our website and a list of our instructors can be found under the instructor tab on this site. These tabs will show a picture of the doula or instructor and a brief bio. under those pictures are the contact information for each individual. Feel free to call or email with them directly.

What are your prices?

  • Our doulas set their own prices so prices for doula services vary from doula to doula based on training and experience level and thus should be discussed with the doula directly. Costs range from $550-$1200 and include a variety of packages and services. Contact our doulas to see who would serve you best.

How can I hire a doula or arrange an interview?

  • Feel free to contact any of our doulas directly to talk about your needs, discuss prices, or arrange an interview. Once you have decided to hire the doula of your choice you will arrange a time to meet to sign your doula contract.

how can i become a doula or childbirth educator?

  • Birth Boot Camp offers amazing doula and childbirth educator training and certification, many of which are taught by our very own BBC CEO Hollie Hauptly. For more information on trainings near you please visit www.BirthBootCamp.com