To set up your complementary consultation, contact the doula(s) you would like to meet with. 

McKayla Broadhurst

Phone: 385-205-1459
Serving: Davis and Salt Lake Counties
Hi! I’m McKayla Broadhurst, a postpartum doula specializing in both days and nights, in Davis and Salt Lake County and surrounding areas. Outside of being a doula, I’m also a mom and professional nanny. Although I’ve spent the last decade in the childcare field, it wasn’t until I had a child of my own in 2019 that I became most passionate about infancy and the postpartum period. I have since dedicated my time to furthering my education on childbirth, postpartum care and the first few years of life. I enjoy helping parents navigate through their journey, and making their transition to having a new baby at home go as smooth as possible. See our website for more info!

Amber Johnson

Phone: (385) 477-9676
​​Serving: Utah County and surrounding areas
​I love to help parents transition to having a new baby at home! Having gone through it myself, I know the postpartum time can be challenging and the more support you have the better it can be! It’s incredible to be that support for families and help them with tasks so they can focus on resting and bonding with their baby as a family!

Mindy Bigler

Phone: (801) 391-4164
Serving: Weber, Davis, Box Elder, and Cache counties​​​​​
HI I’m Mindy I have been doing massage and body work for over 24 years and Birth work for over 17 years. My passion for working with pregnant moms, started at massage school in 1997 there I was introduced to the idea of natural childbirth and prenatal massage. I love supporting my clients and their partners where they’re at and helping them find the right birth for them. Whether it is easing aches and pains during a massage or getting the awe inspiring opportunity to be a part of a birth. I truly love my job and am thankful every day I get to do what I do. I have three amazing boys and one sweet girl. Visit my website here!

Tiara Monson

Phone: 801-882-8947
Serving: Salt Lake and Davis Counties
​Hi I’m Tiara, a postpartum doula serving Davis and Salt Lake County! Being a Mom and CNA for over 7 years, I have found what I’m truly passionate about, nurturing and serving others. I have learned how important it is and how successful things are when having the proper emotional and physical support and knowledge going through life transitions. I look forward to being that support as I help you troubleshoot through parenting challenges like sleeping habits, feeding, postpartum after care and just finding your new normal. Looking back on my two c-section deliveries  and postpartum period of time, I really struggled and I realize how beneficial and more successful it would’ve been for me had I known the what I know now. Learn more here!

Kristy Huber

Phone: 801-638-3189
Serving: Salt Lake Valley, Salt Lake County
I have 28 years experience as a birth, postpartum doula and childbirth Educator. I had five beautiful unmedicated births myself. I support women and their choices. I love the fact that I still enjoy hearing my phone ring in the middle of the night. Witnessing birth never gets old. I’m a natural leader, kind soul, and a maternal role for my clients.

Hollie Hauptly

Phone: (208)-351-5649
​​Serving: Salt Lake City, Utah county, and the surrounding areas of Utah
Hi, I’m Hollie, a certified doula and childbirth educator with Birth Boot Camp. I have served families as a doula for 8 years! I hired a doula with my first baby at 38 weeks (Yikes! I don’t recommend waiting that late!) and knew from that day on that I wanted to be a doula. Since then, I have pursued this dream and last year I even began training new doulas! I have attended births at all different types of birth locations including many hospital births, birth center births, and home births. I will become a part of your team, helping you to have an amazing birth experience, with the support you need. Be sure to contact me for your complementary consultation! I’d love to sit down and talk about the desires for your upcoming birth.