To set up your complementary consultation, contact the doula(s) you would like to meet with. 

Cindy Westwood

Phone: 801-368-2077
Serving: Utah county
​I first fell in love with supporting and caring for others while working as an RN.  After my second child was born, I channeled that love into being a full-time mother.  My husband and I first had nine daughters and then two sons with only 10 pregnancies – the gift of having a set of twins.  With my nursing background, I was comfortable in the hospital setting for my own labors and deliveries.  My last three deliveries were by C-section.  Although it was not my preferred delivery option, I am grateful it was available to safely bring these children to me.  We now have 24 wonderful grandchildren.  I cherished being a supporter for many of their births. I am enthusiastic about the options more widely available now for labor and birthing couples.  As a BBC Doula, I have supported birthing couples in the hospital, birth center and home births. I delight in serving others and strongly feel birth education, through evidenced-based teaching, helps prepare the birthing couple for labor and birth.  Knowledge helps to provide peace of mind and facilitates the couple working as a team.  My goal is to help you as you plan your birth journey.

Makayla Stewart

Phone: 385-400-1105 
Serving: Utah county and surrounding areas
Hi I’m Makayla, I’m a Birth Boot camp doula and LMT. I became an LMT 4 years ago because I wanted to bring comfort to people’s lives, however my passion has always been birth. I became a doula because I truly believe as human beings we need to feel supported and loved. I want to help every mother I can to feel this during her birth, to help you find your power in having the birth you want. Birth is beautiful but scary. I’ll do my best to replace as much of that fear with knowledge and support as I can. Contact me for a consultation and/or a prenatal massage.

Mindy Bigler

Phone: (801) 391-4164
Serving: Weber, Davis, Box Elder, and Cache counties​​​​​
HI I’m Mindy I have been doing massage and body work for over 24 years and Birth work for over 17 years. My passion for working with pregnant moms, started at massage school in 1997 there I was introduced to the idea of natural childbirth and prenatal massage. I love supporting my clients and their partners where they’re at and helping them find the right birth for them. Whether it is easing aches and pains during a massage or getting the awe inspiring opportunity to be a part of a birth. I truly love my job and am thankful every day I get to do what I do. I have three amazing boys and one sweet girl. Visit my website here!

Emily Griffin

Phone: (208) 908-8199
​​Serving: Utah and Salt Lake Counties
Hi, I’m Emily Griffin, and I am a Birth Boot Camp Doula! I have been drawn to birth for years,  finding it fascinating and decided by becoming a doula I could impact such a formative day for the better. I strongly believe that the more knowledge and support you have going into birth, the better the experience will be. I haven’t had the honor of becoming a mother myself yet, but I find such joy in supporting parents when growing their family. Visit my website!

Kristy Huber

Phone: 801-638-3189
Serving: Salt Lake Valley, Salt Lake County
I have 28 years experience as a birth, postpartum doula and childbirth Educator. I had five beautiful unmedicated births myself. I support women and their choices. I love the fact that I still enjoy hearing my phone ring in the middle of the night. Witnessing birth never gets old. I’m a natural leader, kind soul, and a maternal role for my clients.

Hollie Hauptly

Phone: (208)-351-5649
​​Serving: Salt Lake City, Utah county, and the surrounding areas of Utah
Hi, I’m Hollie, a certified doula and childbirth educator with Birth Boot Camp. I have served families as a doula for 8 years! I hired a doula with my first baby at 38 weeks (Yikes! I don’t recommend waiting that late!) and knew from that day on that I wanted to be a doula. Since then, I have pursued this dream and last year I even began training new doulas! I have attended births at all different types of birth locations including many hospital births, birth center births, and home births. I will become a part of your team, helping you to have an amazing birth experience, with the support you need. Be sure to contact me for your complementary consultation! I’d love to sit down and talk about the desires for your upcoming birth.

Hanan Webster

Phone: (509)991-3679
Serving: Weber/Davis and Salt Lake County
Hello! I am Hanan Webster, a Birth Boot Camp Certified DOULA and Instructor, and birth photographer. I have a passion for serving families in my community. It is my desire to provide you with information and resources to help you make informed decisions and have the best birth experience possible. My knowledge of birth, combined with my compassion, makes me an asset to every family. I feel absolutely blessed to be a doula, guiding women through the experience of childbirth. I truly believe that women are capable of replacing their fears of labor with confidence and peace. My responsibility to you, as your doula, will be to educate, motivate and support you both physically and emotionally. I will encourage and respect your beliefs and traditions, to make your birth one you will want to remember. Check out my website for more info!