We loved taking the Birth Boot Camp course from Hollie Hauptly!

     My husband and I thought we knew a lot about pregnancy/birth, but as the time drew nearer there was so much we didn’t know! This class helped us learn everything we could possibly need in order to be prepared for any possibility as we approached our due date.
    I had always been terrified of labor, and just figured I would get an epidural and it would be no big deal. Even then though, labor and delivery have always been one of my greatest fears. It was something that I never wanted to go through. In taking this class from Hollie, she was able to help me work through my fears. She was so personable, kind, and fun to learn from! She helped my husband and I decide what kind of a birth experience we wanted, as well as how we could navigate any changes or emergencies that could develop.
     Leaving this class I felt prepared for anything that could happen and so much of the fear was relived, and the fear that I still had(of what could happen), I left with the tools and knowledge to deal with.
     Going through the class with my husband also helped us to learn his part in the labor/delivery process. We were able to make all the decisions together before hand and both knew what we wanted as a couple. He also learned what to do to help and support me during labor. He was empowered to do so much more than just sit on the sidelines holding my hand.
     Hollie was more than just an instructor. During the classes she was fun as well as knowledgeable and helped us think of, and answer questions we didn’t even know we had. She was even helpful outside of the class. She was always just a text or phone call away to answer questions and help us through one of the most amazing, yet challenging times of our lives!
     I honestly don’t feel I could have done it without having been through this class with Hollie. She helped make what I thought would be a terrifing experience, into an amazing one.
     I have already recommended taking a Birth Boot Camp class from her to a my friend and my sister in law, who are both pregnant. I will keep recommending it to anyone I know!! It was more than worth it! We love Hollie!”

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