The fourth trimester, or he immediate postpartum period, is something a lot of new parents are never really prepared for. They hear birth stories, get parenting advice, and fill a dresser with cute new baby clothes, but how to cope with the demands of an infant when you’re sleep-deprived and healing from a birth isContinue reading “SUPPORT DURING THE FOURTH TRIMESTER”

Commonly Asked Questions About Childbirth Classes

When I became pregnant with my first baby it never occurred to me to take a childbirth class. I had never known anyone who’d taken a class, and no one had ever suggested we take a one (except the nurse who was attending me while I was in labor). It wasn’t until after our firstContinue reading “Commonly Asked Questions About Childbirth Classes”

Common Questions About Doulas – Part 1

What is a doula? Is that like a midwife? No, a doula and a midwife are not the same thing! A midwife is a care provider, like an OBGYN, who sees to a woman’s clinical needs (tests, procedures, labs, measurements…etc) during pregnancy and delivery. A doula, on the other hand, is a trained labor supportContinue reading “Common Questions About Doulas – Part 1”

Top 10 Questions o Ask On Your Hospital Tour

So you’re going on a hospital tour. Maybe your care provider recommended this, maybe your doula, maybe your bff. Maybe you’re going because you like being prepared or maybe you’re just really excited and looking for yet another fun baby thing to do over the weekend. Maybe you are planning an unmedicated birth or maybeContinue reading “Top 10 Questions o Ask On Your Hospital Tour”

Top 5 Reasons Not To Take a Childbirth Class

How many times have you heard someone talk about their experience taking a childbirth class and thought, “Yeah, I don’t need that. It’s not for me. I’ll just show up and do what my doctor tells me and everything will be fine.” ? If you’re anything like me before I had children, you probably feltContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons Not To Take a Childbirth Class”

Labor and Delivery Support Person Policies During COVID

So much is happening right now! Like, an overwhelming amount of things. If you are pregnant right now and giving birth in a hospital you might be aware that one of the things happening is that the Labor and Delivery policies keep changing! No support people, one support person, two support people but they haveContinue reading “Labor and Delivery Support Person Policies During COVID”

What in the World is a Virtual Doula

I would like to take a quick moment to say thank you. Thank you 2020, you have completely and totally turned our world upside down. Without you I would have never had the wonderful experience of hand sanitizer stinging my chapped and over washed hands. I would not know the joy and relief of grabbingContinue reading “What in the World is a Virtual Doula”