Galentine’s day 2020!

It’s February, and February in our little corner of the world is a bleak gray month. All the sparkle of the holidays has been put away, the rush of parties has been over for a full month, and the frozen landscape has started to seem less magical and more like a frozen wasteland. Lucky a mixture of commercialism and pop culture has given us a bright pop of color in this dreary month. A holiday about love, about showing gratitude for those most important to you in your life, a time to get dressed up and go out on the town. I am not talking about Valentine’s day. I am, of course, talking about the far superior Ganentine’s day!

GALENTINE’S DAY! Ladies celebrating ladies as the great Leslie Knope would say (the creator of this great holiday). Here at Wasatch Mountain Birth Boot Camp we are all about celebrating ladies. Female friendship is a massively important thing. For centuries cultural customs and history were passed down through gatherings of women. Women gather together during birth, during death, to give support and help push one another forward. According to a 2018 study the more close friendships you have the more likely a person is to survive breast cancer! All I’m saying is spending time with your lady friends and celebrating each other is something we should make time for.
Know what else is an important thing that we should make time for? Self care! I know you’ve heard that before. It’s 2020, we’ve all been hearing about how important self care is for five years now. But just because every 7th post on your Facebook feed is a picture of a sunrise reminding you to “make time to breath” doesn’t mean it’s not true. That sunrise is right! You do need to make time for yourself! It is good for your physical and mental health. It helps you sleep better. It helps you relate to those around you better. It lowers your blood pressure. It just flat out makes life better.

So why not do both of these things at once? Why not help celebrate the lovely ladies in your life AND yourself? Wasatch Birth Boot Camp thinks this is a great idea, so we’re having a little belated Galentine’s Day get together. Friday February 21st come join us at Family First Chiropractic and Wellness for snacks, henna, movies, music, and fun. This event is open to the community. I’m looking at you birth worker, I’m talking to you first time mom, I see you over there single lady! All of y’all! Come, get some henna done, have some food, ask us some questions. Let’s support one another cause winter is long and hard and thankfully almost over. 

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