Our top 5 natural morning sickness remedies

There are some people in this world who will never experience the joy of morning sickness. I remember my mom telling me, when I was pregnant with my first, that she could only remember being nauseated one or two times when she was pregnant with me and my sister. Women like myself find ourselves quietly hating people like my mother right around week 8 of our pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, up to 85% of have some sort of morning sickness, be it actually vomiting or just the never ending nausea. If you are in this lucky majority and are finding yourself not being able to sit up straight or keep food down for the second week in a row you might be ready and willing to reach for any solution. Anything that promises an end to this madness and misery you might be willing to try. Of course, if you are dehydrated, losing weight, and/or having persistent vomiting you should talk to your care provider ASAP. However if you are wanting to wait till your next appointment to bring it up, here are five natural morning sickness remedies for you to try in the meantime.

Eat Ginger

Ginger has been shown to soothe an upset stomach and can be found in teas, chews, and yes ginger ale made with actual real ginger. Often, ginger is the main ingredient in organic “prego pops” that you can buy over the counter at many health food stores of pharmacies.

Scents, specifically peppermint and lemon


This can be a tricky one. For some people smelling lemon, mint, or orange can greatly alleviate nausea. For others, nothing will send them running to the bathroom faster than getting a big nose full of citrus. What I recommend is putting a few drops of either lemon or mint on a cotton ball and either holding it under your nose or pining it to your shirt with a safety pin. That way, if the smell ever starts to bother you all you have to do is throw the cotton ball in the trash (or out the window)

Vitamin B6 supplements

Not going to lie, these saved me with both of my pregnancies. Several studies have shown that B6 greatly helps with nausea during pregnancy. As a result more and more experts are recommending taking B6 supplements during pregnancy. Dosages of up to 200mg a day have been shown to be safe during pregnancy and have virtually no side effects.

Stay active


Do be mad, I say to the exhausted and miserable pregnant woman laying on her couch after I tell her that one way to feel better is light exercise. I’m sorry, but it’s true. For some people getting up and on their feet, (taking an extra walk, going for a swim, taking that prenatal yoga class) actually does help with nausea. A topic that we cover in our 10 week birth class! Check it out!

Small snacks, not big meals

An empty stomach is your enemy! You might not want to eat but if your stomach is empty I can 100% guarantee you that you will feel sick, same goes for if you need to drink more water. However, you might not be able to handle a full meal either. Small protein rich snacks throughout the day is the way to go. Pretend your a hobbit and give yourself permission to eat breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, diner, and supper.

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