Why Should You Take A Birth Boot Camp Class? It’s Not A Method, It’s A Tool Box

Hot take: pregnancy can be overwhelming. I know, shocker. Let’s put all the incredible hormonal and physiological changes that happen to a person’s body on the back burner for a minute and just talk about what you might be scrolling past on your social media feed ever since that algorithm spotted that first ultrasound picture on your timeline. You’re definitely seeing ads for cribs, bottles, toys, and who knows what else; followed by news articles telling you how all of those things are now being recalled because they are death traps. You might also be seeing posts about natural birth, hypnobirthing, midwives, doulas, postpartum depression, the dangers of bed-sharing AND the benefits of bed-sharing. That’s nothing compared to some of the unsolicited stories you might be hearing from well meaning but also complete strangers! “Let me tell you about my fourth degree tear,” might be followed by someone saying, “my doctor forced me into a c-section!” Right around this time you might be thinking, “maybe I should just take a birth class,” after all knowledge banishes fear right? but which class should you take??? There are hundreds of them. Your hospital might be offering one, your doula might be teaching one, your sister in-law might swear by one. All of them have a “method” but if all these methods are different which one is going to be the right one for you? 

Well we here at Wasatch Mountain Birth Boot Camp are here to tell you, we don’t know. We have no idea what’s going to work for you or even what your birth is going to be like. Maybe you will love guided relaxation. Maybe sounding out labor will be your jam. Maybe you are wanting a water birth. Maybe you have your heart set on an epidural. Maybe you don’t even know what any of these things are but you want more information. The truth is ALL of these methods are wonderful and have their strengths but none of them are guaranteed to work 100% of the time for 100% of all people. That’s why we don’t believe in one method, we believe in filling your toolbox with every available tool and bit of information we have so you are ready for whatever labor throws at you. Here are just some of the things we talk about to help you prepare to have an amazing birth.

Guided relaxation

​Guided relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, and “hypnobirthing” seem to be all the rage right now. There is a reason for that, knowing how to relax is an incredibly useful tool. We like to say this isn’t just a “birth skill,” it’s a “life skill”. This is an excellent tool to have in your tool box. 

Comfort measures and labor positions

Studies have shown that labors are more comfortable, progress faster, and are just better if the laboring woman moves and changes positions. In this class we practice some laboring positions, explain how they would be useful, and practice some basic comfort measures.  

Birth plans

Birth plans, the thing everyone tells you you need and the one thing that most people feel overwhelmed by. Yes, they are important and they are so much more than just a list of requests to be handed to your care provider. This is a vital tool and in class we talk about what it is and how to best use it. 

Red flags

Your care provider and your birth location are the two things that will have the greatest impact on your birth. So how do you know that you have the right care provider for you? What are some things that you should be on the lookout for and what is something that should make you run the other way? Guess what? That’s right, we talk about that in class too. 


So many people feel like they failed labor if they get an epidural. Many more have no idea what actually goes into getting an epidural. Epidurals are just another tool in your tool box and in this class we talk about what they are, the risks, the benefits, and what actually happens when you get one.

Stages of labor


When should I call my doula? When should I go to my birth location? What is going to happen during labor? How should I support/talk to my partner during labor? We answer all these questions and more.

Newborn life

So you have the baby…now what? You ever wonder about babywearing? What about co-sleeping? Feel like you need more tips on breastfeeding? We’re not about to send you out into this brave new world of parenthood without going over how to survive this newborn stage!

All these things and so much more are covered in Birth Boot Camp’s ten week comprehensive class You may also enjoy our hospital class designed specifically for those planning an amazing hospital birth. Our instructors are starting new classes all the time so feel free to look at their class schedules or contact them directly to inquire about a private class! With a wide variety of classes and workshops you are sure to find the best way to prepare for your amazing birth.

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