Top 5 Reasons Not To Take a Childbirth Class

How many times have you heard someone talk about their experience taking a childbirth class and thought, “Yeah, I don’t need that. It’s not for me. I’ll just show up and do what my doctor tells me and everything will be fine.” ? If you’re anything like me before I had children, you probably felt that way almost every time the subject came up. How hard can it be? Show up, get the epidural, push the baby out, and go home in a couple of days already looking like my pre-pregnant self. Right? I definitely don’t need a childbirth class for that. What else could I need to know?
Here are 5 reasons you should not take a childbirth class:

​You like not knowing what’s happening to your body

One of the big things we talk about in class is the physiology of birth, or what’s happening to your body and why. We talk about the changes your body goes through, what hormones are in play, how nutrition and exercise positively impact your pregnancy and delivery, the importance of chiropractic care, the stages of labor, variations of labor, and so much more. We want you to feel confident in your body and understand its incredible abilities, and that becomes really difficult when you’re struggling to figure out what’s happening.  We guide you through every step and replace fear with confidence about your upcoming delivery.

You like not having a plan

We talk a lot about your options during pregnancy and birth, like what tests you might undergo, what care you might receive, how your labor could be managed, and what procedures might be performed on you or your baby. It’s a lot to consider and could  be overwhelming for some couples as they prepare for birth. In class we help you through the process of deciding what you think your preferences might be and show you how to write them down for your care provider and birth attendants.  Having a clear plan based on informed choices, but being flexible within that plan, is a critical part of preparing for birth.

​​You don’t want support from your partner in labor

Birth is a beautiful experience between a woman and her partner that bonds them together for life. Even when a birth doesn’t go as planned, couples find shared meaning in going through such a life-changing experience together. That shared meaning is amplified when a woman’s partner is involved and supportive throughout pregnancy and especially during labor. Many partners feel lost in the birth space without first attending a class. They watch their partner struggling through contractions and want to alleviate her suffering but feel powerless to help. In class we train partners how to support laboring moms in all the right ways so she’s getting the support she deserves and her partner feels like the rockstar they deserve to be! ​

​You don’t like relaxing

Relaxation techniques aren’t only useful during labor, they’re life skills that you will certainly have a need for after baby is born. You need relaxation skills after a long day at work. You need relaxation skills when you’ve been up all night with a teething baby. You need relaxation skills when your mother-in-law comes to visit (teasing!). We dedicate time in each class to practicing a variety of techniques so that by the time you’re in labor they start to become second nature to you. You’ll be able to navigate any variation of labor that may come your way with a toolbox full of tools to utilize.

​You don’t like having fun

“Childbirth classes? Fun? You must be kidding!” But no, I’m not. We have so much fun in class! In addition to relaxation practice, we have hands-on activities in every single class. We’re playing charades, we’re recreating a mock epidural, we’re melting ice cubes in our hands (just trust me on that one), we’re practicing labor and pushing positions, and so much more. Not only are we having fun learning, we’re having fun doing it as a group. The friendships you form during class often last well beyond the final day we meet. With a reunion after all the babies are born, commiserating with the other couples over shared experiences becomes a meaningful way to begin (or continue) your parenting journey, and finding a community where you fit makes it easier to manage the tough stuff that inevitably comes.
​If even one of these reasons resonates with you, you should definitely not take a childbirth class. But on the other hand, if you’re feeling like maybe you want some extra help preparing for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, give us a call. We are so passionate about helping couples find their inner strength as they make informed choices about their care, and we’d love to help you on your journey to an empowering birth experience, however you choose to have it.

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