5 Non-Traditional Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Let’s talk baby showers for a minute. Most people either really love them, or really dread them. Even with a registry, it’s hard to buy a gift that you feel is meaningful but still useful. ​Babies grow so quickly that it’s hard to predict how many clothes they’ll need and at what ages. Not everyContinue reading “5 Non-Traditional Baby Shower Gift Ideas”

Commonly Asked Questions About Childbirth Classes

When I became pregnant with my first baby it never occurred to me to take a childbirth class. I had never known anyone who’d taken a class, and no one had ever suggested we take a one (except the nurse who was attending me while I was in labor). It wasn’t until after our firstContinue reading “Commonly Asked Questions About Childbirth Classes”

Top 5 Reasons Not To Take a Childbirth Class

How many times have you heard someone talk about their experience taking a childbirth class and thought, “Yeah, I don’t need that. It’s not for me. I’ll just show up and do what my doctor tells me and everything will be fine.” ? If you’re anything like me before I had children, you probably feltContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons Not To Take a Childbirth Class”