Creating Your Labor Playlist

While birth work is a passion of mine, my first love was music. I started taking piano lessons at 7 years old and progressed at lightning speed, eventually picking up the flute and singing as well. I grew to realize that music is the universal language, the expression of life itself, and that everyone, noContinue reading “Creating Your Labor Playlist”

Commonly Asked Questions About Childbirth Classes

When I became pregnant with my first baby it never occurred to me to take a childbirth class. I had never known anyone who’d taken a class, and no one had ever suggested we take a one (except the nurse who was attending me while I was in labor). It wasn’t until after our firstContinue reading “Commonly Asked Questions About Childbirth Classes”

What in the World is a Virtual Doula

I would like to take a quick moment to say thank you. Thank you 2020, you have completely and totally turned our world upside down. Without you I would have never had the wonderful experience of hand sanitizer stinging my chapped and over washed hands. I would not know the joy and relief of grabbingContinue reading “What in the World is a Virtual Doula”